Conversations with God – Craftsman vs Genius

The craftsman signifies the hard worker, someone constantly working at something to make it better.

The genius signifies the naturally talented, elegant and effortless person.

This reminded me of the long debate about Ronaldo vs Messi.

Ronaldo being the 6ft plus machine that has crafted the ability to header, shoot with both feet and score any type of goal. He was not born with this level of talent, instead he had to craft his talent through hard work. Untold stories from his fellow professionals talking about how much time he’d spend practicing, turning up early to training and leaving late. Something I touched on in this video

In comparison, the mini maestro Lionel Messi who’s only 5ft 7 and often described as the greatest player of all time. Watching Messi play is similar to watching a beautiful orchestra play live (well what I imagine it to feel and sound like), or watching Picasso paint. Messi makes it look effortless and oozes creativity, elegance and beauty. Very rarely do we hear stories about how hard he works, in fact, in a documentary about his life on Netflix  one of his old team mates explains that one summer, Messi suddenly went from a puny little kid to developing super human strength, just like that.

I don’t doubt that Messi works hard, very hard, just as hard as Ronaldo, but’s it’s this misconception about words like talent, genius, creativity and potential that can cause a problem. We sometimes think that talent means things should come naturally.

No. Talent just means God gave you the seed, it’s your job to water it, put it in fertile soil, make sure it gets the right sunlight and give it TIME to grow.

Chapter 5 of ‘The Artisan Soul’ expresses this perfectly. (The way i’m plugging this book you’d think I was being paid lol).

Whether you consider yourself talented, a genius, a craftsman or craftswoman, the vital ingredient is always going to be hard work, effort, sweat equity.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for human masters – Colossians 3:23)

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