Conversations with God – Creative Confusion


Colouring in my mindfullness colouring book

Writing blogs, articles, maybe they’ll turn into a book lol

Playing football


Just some of the things i’ve picked up since hitting the pause button on my videos. The funny thing is, I don’t actually think many people noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, which is ironic considering a lot of the frustration that i’ve felt during this period is probably built from what I think people will think, or say about me for pausing on the videos.

Now as for these hobbies that I mentioned above, they reminded that there are other skills, talents and things you like to do that you shouldn’t neglect, and this is important because I had the epiphany that what you’re known for might not be what you were made for..

Did you catch that? 😉

what you’re known for might not be what you were made for

At various times in my life, i’ve had prophecies from people and even some of my own visions that point towards me being a pastor. And for those who know me, you’ll know how much that scares me. I might have come home at the tender age of 12 and told my mum that I want to be a pastor, but that was because of my desire to speak, pour into people and help people. Not because I wanted to take on the responsibilities of being a pastor, running my own church and being held to such a high standard.

Okay now that i’ve been honest about my fears and laid that on the table, let’s get into what this post is actually about.

Jesus replied, you don’t understand what i’m doing now, but someday you will – John 13: 7

Imagine you were in your car driving to a destination, you’ve put the postcode in the sat nav and you’re on route. Now you take a turn that the sat nav tells you to take, but the road is blocked, luckily, you’ve got great bearings so you can think of a way around it. Now after driving for a while you hit the motorway and there’s loads of traffic. Something that your great memory and the sat nav combined couldn’t prepare for.

Now imagine that instead of your memory and instead of the sat nav, there was a device that knew all the road closures, all the traffic before it even happened, it had a birds eye view of the road you were about to turn on, the next one and every singly road, building and part of this planet..

Well that’s God, he knows the beginning from the end, he knows everything about you and plotted out your destiny for you before you were born.

Everytime you try and run this race of life on your own strength and knowledge, you’re like the person with the dodgy google maps sat nav app.

Lean into your creator, he wants you to know him, he wants you to know how much he loves you and know your purpose.

And more importantly, if you can’t see the end of the road for your journey, that’s okay, it’s not your job to see every single step, it’s your job to make every step count. The creator will do the rest, just keep going

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This is the first blog in a series entitled ‘Conversations with God’ – I hope it resonated, and if it did, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comment below

Peace x

2 thoughts on “Conversations with God – Creative Confusion

  1. Zee says:

    I’ve been feeling so annoyed that I can’t work out what my next career move is. When people ask, oh so what do you like doing, my answer is I don’t know. And I think what kind of response is that. But this blog reminded me that maybe is isn’t for me to know. God has this under control. And it’s true. So thanks for sharing.

    • admin admin says:

      Thank you Azzees, it’s so true, God has got this under control. He’s got big plans for you!

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