My First Blog.

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We are a product of some of the most innovative, ground breaking and creative moments the world has ever seen, yet many of us are still stuck in the robotic cycle of school, university, work, retirement, death…

We are often misled into thinking that finding a job after university will be the answer to becoming an ‘adult’, in fact I’d argue that finding a job after university is exactly the opposite. After the freedom and mini-soul searching four years away at university, getting a job boots you back into a cycle of mediocrity, confined spaces and suffocation of your imagination.

Similar to our broken education system where we learn for the sake of an exam, capitalism means many of us are living just to work, with barely anything to show for at the end of it.

The meaningless routine, mundane tasks and lack of creative space that ‘jobs’ entail mean we’re actually a human race full of zombies and conformists rather than thinkers and creators. We’re stuck on this conveyor belt of administrators and professors that is causing us to lose our sense of creativity and true individuality.

I have had what some might call an epiphany, how can people possibly fill in excel spread sheets, write reports and carry out ‘administrative’ duties for their whole life and be happy with it?

Whether you’re religious or not, I think we’d all agree that the human race is the dominant species and landlord of planet earth. As a result, it is our responsibility to develop and create an environment of love, beauty, creativity, innovation and most importantly an environment in which we can all be ourselves.

We all have the opportunity to do what we love and truly feel alive, but I do not see this in the world we live in today. I see a lack of ambition amongst people; I see an acceptance of ‘average’ lifestyles and I see people driven by fear

We have the ability to feel, touch, taste, smell, speak and see. And if we can put this all together, we can do wonderful things. Look at the energy we have created, platforms such as the internet, different forms of travel, the curing of diseases and the numerous ground-breaking stories that take place everyday, and to think we apparently only use 10% of our brain’s capacity.

Yet the majority of the working world is wasting time performing boring tasks that add nothing to their personal development and as a result nothing to the advancement of society.

How do you dedicate 8 hours of your day, 5 days a week to something that you don’t love? To something that doesn’t excite you? To something that doesn’t get your blood rushing and allow you to step out of your comfort zone?

For many people by the time you reach your early 30’s your job or place of work becomes your identity, it is a depiction of what you have done with the beginning 10 years of your adult life. I wonder how many people would do it over and do it differently if they had the chance?

As a kid you’re encouraged to do creative things, to draw, paint, act, sing, dance. As soon as you go through puberty the world starts telling you to stay in your lane, study English, maths or science, pick ‘academic’ A’ levels and then dedicate yourself to one subject for four years that may ultimately determine the rest of your life. Isn’t it time for an overhaul of this out-dated way of thinking?

Maybe we should take a page out of Norway’s book, their anti-competitive education system gives way to true learning and as a result school leavers are more equipped to add something to society. Their unemployment figures in 2011 were 3.4%, compared to 7.8% in the UK, but who’s comparing eh! An education system that is focused on the holistic development of the individual is always going to triumph over a system that puts pressure on children to remember facts, figures and writing styles they’ll probably never use once they leave school.

Ultimately, what I am saying is that for every consumer we should have a creator, and for every thinker we should have a doer. The world wasn’t created for us to be stagnant and predictable, it was given to us for us to explore it, learn from it and develop it. I can reassure you that this will not happen siting behind a desk all day.

A job will leave you ‘J’ust ‘O’ver ‘B’roke, a passion, something you love, will leave you fulfilled and means you will use the talent given to you to add something to the world.

What’s the point of being alive if not to do something remarkable?

‘My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors.’ Maya Angelou 

The World Is Yours…