“You are a creator”

I stood in front of a lecture hall of about 50 students from the University of Bath, they all came to hear about tips and hints for starting a career in the sports sector.

So in true Kanye West fashion I stood up and said something completely abstract:

‘you are a creator’

Then I paused for a very uncomfortable 5-7 seconds as they looked at me and thought ‘what the hell is this over dressed 23 year old talking about.’ Lol

For me, any platform that you have to talk about bettering your life has to start with establishing a common understanding about the power you have over your life.

Everything in this world is created twice, once in the mind and then again in reality, and like I’ve mentioned before, the physical world is just a reflection of your internal world, so if you want to create on the outside, do so on the inside.

Being creative is something that always felt out of my reach, until I started doing talks and writing blogs. I could do a Google search right now on how to define creativity and find a good academic definition, or find a few great quotes from the biggest superstars that have graced this Earth, but instead let’s go with my definition.

To create is to have an idea and turn it into reality for people to see. That’s all.

However, to create something of value, people need to feel it. That’s the difference. So when people read my blog and tell me my words resonated with them and they love it, or they approach me after a talk and I can see the enthusiasm and joy in their eyes, that’s one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world.

To be creative is to be excited enough about your imagination that you put your energy towards bringing it to life, that’s all. But sadly, for a lot of people, society has done such a great job of pounding them down with negativity and facts that they have lost sight of their imagination and therefore their ability to create.

Everyone has the ability to create, whether you are a chef, a teacher or a dancer, you have the ability to create something. Every day you wake up, you are given a blank canvas; the decisions you make and the steps you take are like the strokes of your paintbrush.

If you imagine everyday to be a preview of your whole life it helps you do three things:

  1. Stop wasting time (If everyday is an indication of your whole life why would you waste time?)
  2. Live with a sense of urgency (If you know the music could stop at any minute you dance a little harder)
  3. Live with excitement and enthusiasm (Don’t wait for the life threatening moment to start doing the things on your bucket list)


You see, we are all creators, but if you don’t know then you don’t live it.

Your life is a canvas.png

Where you are in your life at this very moment is a result of every decision you have ever made… you have created your life. Be it consciously or sub-consciously, you have used your thoughts and energy to bring about the results in your life. With that in mind, think about what you would like to create in your life, think about your goals, dreams and aspirations. If you’re still in university, understand that you attended almost everyday of primary, secondary and tertiary education for a set amount of years, took some exams, and now you’re in Higher Education. If you’re working, you built up a CV, applied for the job, got it and now you go to that place everyday. When you were five years old did this seem impossible? Of course. All you were worried about was food and toys. Now you’re here it seems like second nature to you. Well your goals and dreams are exactly the same, no matter how big they are.

When you set your goals you don’t know how you’re going to get there, you don’t have all the answers, and that’s the beauty of it. That’s where being a creator comes in, remember that black canvas I mentioned? Before you start the painting you don’t know exactly where every stroke of the brush will be, but you start. And as you keep painting and keep adjusting, the painting begins to reveal itself to you. Just paint a few strokes on your canvas everyday and before you know it, you have finished your masterpiece.

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

So in true creative fashion, check out my latest poem “This is what Freedom looks like’ below:


This is what freedoms looks like…


Freedom is love and love is freedom

Freedom is hard work and hard work is freedom

Freedom is strength of character and strength of character is freedom 

Freedom is speaking from the heart and speaking from the heart is freedom

Freedom is beauty and beauty is freedom


Freedom is the bird that sings in the morning without a worry in the world

Freedom is the cat that purrs while his whiskers float in the air 

Freedom is sun in the sky, the raindrops in the air and the wind flowing through your hair

Freedom is the baby that giggles whilst trying to take their first steps

Freedom is the old indigenous man that picks his teeth with a leaf as he smiles amongst his tribe

Freedom is the child in Africa who tells stories through the sparkle in their eye

Freedom is the person with a dream before it becomes a success story

Freedom is the life lived without fear of failure and fear of judgement 

Freedom is speaking the truth even if your voice shakes

Freedom is writing what gives you goosebumps instead of what impresses others

Freedom is making love with your eyes closed and leaving all insecurities and anxieties outside the sheets 

Freedom is doing what you feel rather than what you think

Freedom is the intuition you experience when you create a moment of magic


Freedom is a state of mind rather than a physical form

Freedom cannot be bought and freedom cannot be sold

Freedom cannot be taught and freedom cannot be learnt

Freedom can only be lived and freedom can only be felt 


Freedom is love and love is freedom


This is what freedom looks like…